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r63 ramlethal~~!!! again~~!! She really makes a cuter guy, lol...I dont think I'll ever finish this, so here. 11-28-21


I think most people dont know, but testament did appear at the end of strive's story mode credits, so I won't thumbnail this picture. With that said, and for those who know and saw him, here's my take on him. Can't wait to see him modeled! (originally drawn 6-10-21, uploaded 10-9-21)

drew testament. it's way too humid today... 7-27-21

may and robo may! so cute! from the new video here 5-17-21

a rule 63 drawing! ramlethal is cute, but shes even cuter as a guy! ...okay, maybe that's just me. but i hope you like this picture anyway. 3-14-21

my testament redesign! its a WIP, but ill update the link with the finished version once its done. 3-14-21