6-17-21 Damn 6-1!!

I finished the underground treasure chest event, It was pretty good, I got hakusan and everything! great stuff! I've got too many swords to be able to update you all, but I did get Tsurumaru and Ichigo, now theyre bth max level lol. I think Ookurikara is ranbu lv 5 XD that should give you all an idea of how many copies I got.
I did some scouting with my leftover resources, and, uh, I got this.

yeah. wow. I can't believe it either! I didnt even want him.....I dont have the time to train him properly until hes at LEAST lv 20-40 so Im just sending him and kuwana out on surveys.
Speaking of surveys, I can't believe theyd have a level that you have to clear with wakis and tantous in order to get kiwame!! All of my tantous fucking SUCK and get rekt as soon as they step into a battlefield. I hate training them because they keep breaking their troops.
Even with the 2x EXP boost, I havent had much motivation to play since tkrb stopped working on palemoon...Updates will be a bit slower then i think :'D

5-19-21 Underground treasure chest event day 2!

I think this speaks for itself.

Loving the new event! I've been kinda middling out at 5-1, with my troops being at around lvl 40-70? ish. The event gave me some great places to grind, with some sick drops at piss easy floors. Just chilling at B50 getting free shit. Feels good. My friends got Nagasone drops from B60+ so im grinding my main team to be able to run through that. RN tho, I'm stuck at around B55. Hope to get to B60 tomorrow!!! Heres what i got from B50 and lower.
yamabushi x8
souza x3
shokudaikiri x3
ookurikara x3
taroutachi x1(!!)
doudanuki x1
too many to take screencaps of, but my inventory is pretty stuffed.

5-6-21 forge results...not so bad..

So. As you all know. I really really want another copy of Nagasone. I kept trying with the 350/510/350/350 recipie as thats what i got him with last time, but I'm so mad, i dont remember who my team leader was! So I dont know who will give me better chances at getting him! I want him so bad, but this is okay too.

I remember before i got into tkrb, my only knowledge of the series was this guy and how cute he is. I had so many pictures of him saved on my old phone -u- Completely forgot about him when i started playing though, and was pleasantly suprised when he came home! Yay!
also! I opened a new page on the art side of my site for my tkrb art! ive alreay been doodling a lot of swords so I figured id get it out there. Updates will be slow on all of the art half of this site as i am still doing finals and all that jazz, but

heres the link anyway!! enjoy :)

5-5-21 Trying for Nagasone!

God gives me the silliest battles doesnt he. Whatever team I put Nagachan in for duties, I never get his coversation. I scout for him and get spat on. It's okay. I'm gonna save up again.

5-1-21 grinding my ignored troops!

So. I had to go out and get groceries today. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to use TKRB pocket and grind out the swords i just got and plan to integrate on my team! It worked great, I had my phone hooked on my belt loop and felt like a character from the matrix, tapping away while picking asparagus. lol. Felt bad for the people who had to hear Jiroutachi always going 'haaaaai~~!' while I was in the vegetable isle. lol. Or maybe one day ill find someone who also plays using this method? Beats me, but at least no one made a fuss over it. I need them audio cues!!!
Well, heres the result of my hard work. Taro, Jiro and Shoku were all level 1 yesterday...

pretty nice. pretty. nice. Right now im running through 4-3, mainly trying to get to the damn Maoh, because the dice loves deciding that I dont deserve to advance to 4-4, even though my team absolutely washes hoardes of enemies, I guess.

Finally the RNG works out and I get to fight the damn boss!
So, as soon as I entered the boss room, I was expecting a bit more sruggle than usual, You have to keep in mind the fact that I've been trying to get to this boss all day. So the battle starts, the scout failed so I had to pick a formation myself. Luckily it didn't put me at a disadvantage, but it didn put me at an adantage either. I was gong to watch in case anyones troops broke.
Nagasone 1HKOs the boss.
The rest of them were easy, Ishikirimaru and Taroutachi 1HKO-ing the rest of the squad, and hey! Jiroutachi went toku!

another great day. Well, except for when I kept trying for gold troops, kept getting bronzes and actually went under 200k in some of my resources D:
that wasnt fun. But I got most of it back from the dailies, thats how that sorta works. Love this game so much.

4-29-21 forging, forging, forging....

So, I start out the day as anyone does, sending out more fucking surveys becuase I love getting shit for free and abusing weak troops. well, i guess I'm doing it a lot more than usual, cuz i just got the achievement for sending out 30 surveys in a month while my friend had 16 out. Aint that something. Well, Ive been surveying for something, a little something named Taroutachi. From design alone, I knew I had to have him!
Seeing this pic definetely pushed me over the edge! Hes so cute! Well, after a lot of time. I decided I would do a build for taro, I used his recipie and had nikkari as my team leader- and....
I hate this game.

Well, I eventually got Tarouchan AND!!! Jirou (Twice!!!)

yay! Very good day. I'll post my finished team with these two as soon as Ishiki and Naga are back from this 10 hour suvey. I'm so sleepy.

4-28-21: 4 AM

Happy 4 AM. I decided before I went to bed that I'd try crafting an Ootachi. And I got Ishikirimaru!
Not my favorite design from the Ootachis, but an Ootachi is an Ootachi. He still fuckin destroys hoardes of enemies. Sorry for the bad picture, I was glad that I got one at all! lol.

oh my god????

Ok so I'm usually like- fine with getting any powerful sword. Really. I thought i didnt have any favorites. Well. That kinda changed. NAGASONEEEEEEEEE
OMFG! I love him SO MUCH!!!! I'm so excited to level him up, hes almost at toku.

4-27-21 OPENING DAY thoughts! + First Uchigatana summon!

Here's a fact you may or may not know about me! In like 2014, I was abolutely obsessed with kancolle. I'd play it almost daily with some loophole that allowed me to play games on the japanese servers. But I gradually lost interest in it, yknow? I havent touched a tactics game like that since the mobile port. And I was fine with that! In fact, I was also perfectly fine with enjoying touken ranbu from the anime, but when I saw that it had opened for english audiences, I just had to play it. and now here we are!
Decided to start with a 350/510/350/350 so I can start out with two heavy hitters and look at who I got!


one of the TKRB poster boys! Am happ. Hes been serving me well also, hes been lingering at around 19/37 health with major damage but still clearing Aizu multiple times like its no ones business. I'm actually about to start grinding utsynomiya. Lets see how that goes.