Active days: Friday-Sunday
ETA from payment sent: 1-2 weeks. Please read all information below!

+1 character= +50% of the commission price.

WILL DRAW: gore (cuts, bruises, wounds, bandages.), Humanoid Robots, Furries.

WILL NOT DRAW: Mechas, Explicit NSFW, Scailies

For personal use only! If you would like a dicord/twitch emote, stream decoration, merch, please tell me this upfront! I can and will use your requested picture to advertise,
If you want it to be private, it will be an extra fee of 25%.
Backgrounds will be the same grey as in the images, unless asked to do otherwise.
If you intend on asking for a different color background, please give me the color in hex code. Will also do gradients if asked with specific hex codes.
Complexity tax = +$5-10 depending on what you want me to draw.
Tips = extra doodles- if you leave a tip, leave a small request as well. Quality depending on the amount tipped. Please no entire second commission through tips, these are doodles.

Contact me at or NILLA#1232 for any inquiries! Thank you for reading! :)

tips appreciated :)