Hello ther! :D

My name is nilla, I'm an artist who loves to draw anime guys! hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the internet!

you can contact me through matrix - @nillavald12:matrix.org
or email if you prefer - neo-nailgun@protonmail.com


my buttons (link me to https://nailgun.neocities.org/ !!!)
P.S, please download this on your own and re-upload it to your image host of choice!! dont eat my bandwith plz x_x

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5-18-2023- it's here! nailgun 2.fuck squared. The last layout was really terrible and against everything ive ever wanted in a website (fast, adaptive to all computer monitors, pretty) but then again, it was still a huge WIP and my css was hot dookie so. can't be helped. excuse any jank, im gonna fix stuff as i see it. also, wont delete the old art, but i hate how fickle outside image hosts can be... >3>

3-28-2023- Welp. Big announcement! Here comes another...IMPORTANT UPDATE!

Ok, It was pretty shitty to just link my journal without putting a TLDR, so here it is: TLDR: I will be completely re-doing my website. I will be deleting the fanart that was linked here and the touken ranbu journal page. I will remove links to catbox and newgrounds dump, which means I will effectively be deleting nearly every drawing posted here since I started this site except for that one azumanga daioh gif. They will still be available through the services I uploaded to and are probably archived on wayback, if that's your jam. I will reupload the OC pictures, but I will not reupload the fanart. I will be re-doing the graphics on my entire site. I'm also thinking of changing the palette, too. It will still be purple and green, just a bit more dull. And most importantly, I will be changing this god-awful code that looks like shit on everything but fullscreen. SO. just a few months of sitting on nailgun 2.0 and I'm already gonna overhaul it...again... LOL. maybe...nailgun 2....POINT TWO!!!! SQUARED!!!!!!

7-20-2022 welcome to nailgun 2.0! wow, i feel like a dork saying that.
so, complete overhaul. It's been a year and some change since i did actual work for this site, and i realized theres a lot that had to be changed, most of it cosmetic, but theres some real changed to how the site links and stuff! so, here goes.

  1. REMOVED the fandom sorting. The art section is now sorted by COMPLETED WORKS and SKETCHES!
  2. NAVBAR!!! This navbar on the left will hold all of my links.
  3. HEADER!! This header now links back to the home on every non home page...yay.
  4. CHANGED HOSTS!! my pictures from now on will be hosted through catbox.moe. Newgrounds dump has been flaking out on me, and thinking I'm a bot from all the traffic the pictures that are meant to be private small sharing has been getting. If they flake out seriously, I'll move it all to catbox.
  5. MADE IT PINK!! i made the purples warmer to really match the contrast of PURE greem. i think it looks good.

Wow. Feels good! there was a lot of empty space on my pages, and i tried my best to optomize. I also removed the graphics made with assets from graphixslayer on twitter, i feel like it isnt right to use his stuff without credit.
anyways, I really hope everyone has a 1920x1080 moniter by now, it is 2022! If you miss the old version, the net archive has a copy. Go look me up there. Sorry I havent been drawing much. Life's been busy, you know how it is. Though, I will say that there is some new art on the fanart page.
As always, feel free to message me, through email, or guestbook or carrier pigeon, whatever, what you think of the layout! ^_^

1-7-2022 *IMPORTANT!* if the 1-3-22 update has been giving you broken image thumbnails, click them, it leads to a newgrounds page asking to solve a captcha. Please solve the captcha and it will load properly again.

11-28-2021- 20,800 hits! Thank you all! :D

10-27-2021- 19,000 hits! Thank you all! :D

8-7-2021- 12,000 hits! Thank you all! :D