Please let me know if any links are down, at either my discord (NILLA#1232) or my email ( thanks! ^_^v

GRsites background rip

GRsites is (well, was after may 1st 2021) a great resource to get cool fonts and backgrounds for your website! Since its going down so soon, I decided to rip them all and upload them to my MEGA. download and share as you please.

bemani fonts archive

A really cool source of fonts that look cool! Not my link but I'll share it here anyway.

Macromedia Flash 8

A good, discontinued copy of flash. 4D0B3 doesnt care that youre using it and you shouldnt, either!
Not reccomended to be used on windows 10! It crashes very often on 10, but works just fine on 7, and likely all windows versions before that.

The key
My personal fonts archive (6-2021)

Exactly what it says on the tin, my favorite fonts from GRsites and other places from before it shut down.