My name is nilla, and there are two things in life that I absolutely hate!
1. Flat, 'minimalist' UIs. Think windows 10 and literally every single website/OS/program nowadays.
2. Being unable to change these flat UIs, again. Literally everything nowadays.
It's everywhere! I cant stand seeing beautiful art on the internet surrounded by the most boring UIs I've ever seen.
The absolute lack in creativity nowadays with web design makes me sick!!!
So, I've decided to put in some elbow grease and make a space on the internet that's really mine, and put all of the things I like on it! :D!
...And now I'm going to list some things I like, as well as some facts about me!

About my computer


Windows 7

Art program

Clip Studio Paint PRO ver 1.9.2


Pale Moon, Firefox, sometimes Internet Explorer 10
(for testing reasons)

About me

Favorite games

Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Disgaea 1,2,4
Tsukihime, Ace Attorney:Apollo Justice
Melty Blood AACC, Puyo Puyo, Touhou 6,10
Devil May Cry 3 & 4, DDR Extreme 2, superNOVA
Dragon's Crown, Second Life, Guilty Gear
Mother 3, Pokemon: Emerald, Platinum, B/W & B/W 2

Favorite anime

Hellsing, Promare, Pani Poni Dash, Lucky Star,
Ghost in the Shell, JJBA, Fist of the North Star
Serial Experiments Lain, Revolutionary Girl Utena,
Madoka Magica, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo
SK8:The Infinity, Azumanga Daioh





because some people don't have buttons!


an amazing site that has it all, with some cool retro games!


A japanese transcript site for the arcade modes in melty blood. This page is Roa's specifically.

TM timeline

A really cute timeline for the whole nasuverse that's well formatted. Too bad it's all in Japanese!

SBF records

music from one of my favorite artists, hapi, who makes awesome remixes of kirby music, as well as some gabber! Heres some more from what i guess? is his record where he releases doujin music for all sorts of series like undertale and MLP. Theres also some original stuff too!


NEW!!!Touken ranbu journal blog thing.

I have lots to say! here I will make blog posts, about general stuff and all that.

8-7-21:12,000 hits!

thank you! :)

7-26-21:ISP issues and Real Talk.

Just spent the last week 2 weeks now, (as of the 23rd of June, yeah, hooray laziness. I forgot to post the damn thing.) rehosting every picture on my website. It was so tedious and as much as I hate the busywork of changing everything on each individual page, what I hate much more is the reason why I had to do it!
As of very recently (like, I'd say a week or two ago) Mcafee browser guard (which I didn't even know I had by the way, thanks ISP. Has been flagging all imgbb links as malicious, making me go through this whole process in order to make my site look good!
At first I thought it was because at the time, I was switching to a new browser, palemoon, and that gave me complications. But it turns out a lot of my testers on different browsers and ISPs also had these flagged as malicious! Which means that imgbb was put on a shitlist. Yay. I've deleted every imgbb link on my main pages, and as my journal pages are much less cared for, theres probably some still straggling around here and there. Well, Ive switched to newgrounds for my main image hosting needs now, and Imagevenue as a secondary for site elements. Though, honestly I should just upload them to neocities directly...

maybe one day....

when it bites me in the ass.....

see, this is why I get fucked over so hard by this kinda stuff so often. lol. but at least the hosting is more diverse now, so if one service goes down I'll still have ol reliable newgrounds which probably will never die for what really matters; the art!!
With that said, I'd like to get into the second half of this journal, the one written a whole month after the fact. I dont really know what to do with my journal half of my site. Not a clue. I have a Dreamwidth now, and it is so much easier to type my longer posts on there than in the neocities text editor. (sorry neocat!! lol) That, and it brings it's own flavor of fun social interaction that I've never really experienced, as I didn't really use livejournal too much. I'm not really sure what to do with this page now lolol. I see people use a little section to notify when updates happen, and I wonder about that. I may try it, but I feel like it would be too annoying to do when I basically have an update log with my RSS feed and twitter, which is now half mindless shitposts, half tsukihime news, half cute animal pictures. yeah thats 150% im just that cool. Whatever, I'll find out one day.
But for now, look at that shiny new scrollbox oooh aaah :D

3-25-21:tsukihime remake speculation

so. the new melty blood is real. i know kamone said itd be real with the tsukihime remake and i trust fpan more than TM but. i cant help but have some fears. ive been kinda scared for a while honestly. the new game is based on the tsukihime remake and is supposed to be a sequel, and we still havent gotten any sort of roa design from the past. SHIKI not being there is a given but 18roa (the black haired emo bang one in melty blood) is the damn main villain of the entire visual novel!! him not even having a silhouette in any of the key arts is concerning, honestly. i legit think the new priest guy is going to replace him.

im sure youve already combed through this thing multiple times like i have but give it another look.

there are many aspects of this design that concern me. the first being his obvious preist motifs. look at his fucking outfit, thats a priest outfit. who else in tsukhime has preist motifs. fucking roa. he has fire magic too instead of roas lightning, this looks like another roa. this would be fine by me if he wasnt taking 18roas spotlight as being the 'main' roa, so to say. lemme jsut say right now this guy looks like a stoic cunt. i dont like the new look, he looks way too serious and broody, which is not the roa teasing way. this brings me to my next concern.

thats a fucking hotel hallway. no matter which way you slice it, you at least can see that it looks like some sort of home hallway, the mansion, something. but when i see this picture i see a fire in the hotel. nero was supposed to be in that hotel. this may be a new nero design. and well, my opinions on that? i think it looks like shit, but if its nero at least it isnt roa... T_T sorry nerobros... both outcomes arent good, but id rather have him and 18roa than him and nero. honestly, im kinda scared for nero now too, this guy is very similar to him in pallete, and here he is inside of the hotel. maybe nero in mb was too yabai and fpan wanted him to be less busted so they made him a bishie. lol. i dunno, im a little scared. i really dont want this guy to replace any existing roas, but if he were an additional roa reincarnation thatd be kinda dope. 18roa in tsukihime was the very last reincarnation but then tarantella happened anyway, and im sure thats canon too, at least in the fate side of the tsukhiverse, which im pretty sure the remake is set in anyway? idk. also the remake has a whole new story, we may be seeing 18roa again or maybe this is a tsukihime manga moment and hes shifting between SHIKI and tarantella? im just brainstorming here, as i dont recall tara having fire magic but the designs are certainly similar to the new guy. itd be fucking cool if that were the case.

ive come up with three of the most possible scenarios for how this is actually going to play out

18roa's design is scrapped entirely.

not ideal, obviously. but the tsukihime remake is still out and people can always look to the past and see how perfect he is and how cute he is, and he will remain untouched by takeuchis gross new art style. ive been eating melty blood/ kagetsu tohya/tsukihime scraps for 4 years now, and i can do it for many, many more, because the content is that good. though dont expect me to shut up when introducing newbies to the series. because 18roa deserves all of the love.

18roa is cemented as a gag character.

let me set the scene for you. shiki cuts new guys death line, and completely obliterates the chance for any roa reincarnation ever happening again. however, theres this weird tomato juice drinking hobo who keeps crying about how no one loves him, something about akiha forgetting him, he seems so weird but its best our heroes leave him be. this is the first and last time the 18roa design is showed and how he will be remembered by all new tsukihime fans for the rest of time. and honestly? thats fine by me. the best roa to me is a blubbering drunk idiot, who whines about not being loved and how uncool he is now. this. is. cute. i wuld not mind people seeing this, wondering who this freak is, and going to play the older content and seeing that this husk of a man used to be a very.erm...intimidating. villain, and i feel like this end for him would make the smart gag character lovers (think dan hibiki fans, who love seeing anime guys being generally pathetic and whiney) love him.

god is real ideal: roa and nero are both the same! this guy is just here, i guess.

ok, so. the only way this would work is if there was either a tsukihime manga roa transformation OR if 18roa actually was.....19roa, or some shit, with the whole SHIKIshift happeneing after this guy gets bodied, otherwise theyd show 18roa first r-right? this is all kinda out there, but dear lord i do want 18roa to be showed to the masses in an sfw way, tsukihime with the eroshit patched out is really nice and i really want tsukihime to have a rebirth like fate did from its eroge days. god.

3-21-21:laptop issues...

so, apparently, i have to change my battery.


yeah. i dunno guys! its charging just fine, and this is the first day of it happening, so i want to wait it out and see what happens. though, my other laptop's battery died because i charged it too long, i believe i let this one die too much and theres nothing really wrong with it. ok, so, i forget things. a lot. important things! i forget them really easily. like i forgot that the white light on my old laptop meant it was done charging, and thought that it was still charging, so i left it there for waaaay too long. like hours at a time. that killed my battery quickly. i know it sounds stupid but it happens!, i realized how dumb i was to do that and with this laptop, i let the battery run really low before charging it again, and id always forget to charge it before it died so i let it die, and then brought it back by charging it. i doubt that causes permanent damage though so my computer may be programmed to recognize the sparratic shutting off as a sign that my batterys health is compromised and warns me to replace it! ...or, theres something really wrong with it and im gonna have to bite the $50 bullet and swap the battery. sigh. we'll see what happens.

i originally wrote this on the 15th and i wanted to give a tiny update on the situation. it seems like i was right, and it was just from letting the battery die too much, but there have been no issues since ive been letting it go thru more natural cycles, and charging when i see it go low. another thing. off topic but i think one of my sinuses is inflamed, i feel super fucking groggy, it hurts to swallow anything and i havent felt like doing anything, and can barely manage to draw lately anyway because ive been in an art slump. whoops!!!! i'll see if i can manage something as the saraba gyakuten anniversary was yesterday, and ill have like one more day after today for it to be a cool date accurate fanart. ive always wanted to do those but could never manage my time well enough/was too lazy to do stuff on time. lol.

another thing!! i got a new computer! my first actual desktop computer of my own since living in a shared apartment means i cant have my own tower because of the space constraints. but like this is my own tower and moniter!! its kinda sick i havent taken many pictures of it because im still wiping shit and working on it but expect pics and shit someday. its still a huge WIP because the processor is cheeks and theres only 8GB of ram on it, which i intend on changing to 16GB and a better processor once i see if anything i have already will work. still very exciting and i cant wait to have my own desktop after waaaay too long.

3-12-21: about twitter...

hello twitter peeps!! I'd like to start this out with a thank you. Thank you for clicking this link, for reading this update. i appreciate it so much! this is going to be a bit longer than you're used to from me, but i'll sum it up for you.

TLDR: i'm leaving twitter.

if you know me, youd know that i've been dissatisfied with the state of fandom for many years now. with twitter, the main hub for fandom in 2021 just shoving peoples hard work in everyone's faces, lowering the value of art-(quite literally, by lowering the quality of the image, and also with how fast people are expected to just. consume content and move on) poorly archiving things, and removing the ability to have more stable boundaries on twitter to remove children from 18+ adult spaces, modern 'fandom' has become incredibly toxic. i cant even call it a fandom anymore, it's so wildly different from the fandom im used to.. ive tried for many years but, growing up on deviantart which has such nice communities with seperated content on your profile through folders, ive realized how good i had it back then! Things got actively WORSE for sharing art online!! and thats not even mentioning the lack of customization with twitter. At least with tumblr, you can make your space on the internet your own with themes. But twitter is a soulless husk, just a page to push content in your face with. I cant do that. with the rise of ENFT bullshit, this frustration with social media in general has peaked. i am sick of this internet fast food. i want a home cooked meal. so, i'm moving kitchens! updates will be slower, unless were close on discord, then nothing will change lol. i think this will vastly improve my mental health, as ive been very stressed about twitter in general. I've been on my phone less and less recently, so I don't see why I should be using a phone app that's designed mainly for use on phones that looks like asscheeks on computers's made for phones. i don't see the point.

what does this mean for my current account?!

nothing youre not used to at this point lol! i'm still going to use it. but in a different way. i'll be posting updates to my sites and other apps through postybirb. And ill still scroll around here and there to look at cute animal pictures. which means you may already be unfollowed by now, but dont think i dont want to be your friend anymore! i just want to look at a very streamlined TL of cute animals and anime guys when i get bored enough to check up on that account. x_x if you want to talk to me directly, just hit me up on discord.


much love! ^3^